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YO! Sushi

Innovative ecommerce website design pitch work

Fun and engaging ecommerce explored

Here is a selection of pitch visuals produced for the YO! Sushi pitch recently undertaken. We were runners up this time but I’m very proud of the work produced for this pitch in a very short space of time.

It was really fun to explore some innovative and engaging UX and immersive design techniques. Starting with some exciting and highly visual branding elements was a real aid in pushing the limits on this one.

Modular viewport segments

Working in modular viewport segments was a great way to ensure the available space was used effectively and developing visual tools to help guide the eye through the site flow was key.

“Some pitches are worth going the extra mile. I was happy to really push the limits on this one. Sometimes winning a pitch isn't just about the design and it takes many harmonious components to create the complete package.”

Christian Hoper
Creative Director

“Innovative navigation and engaing tone of voice helped bring the expreince to life. Undertanding and addressing the limitations of mobile and desktop were a key priority.”

Christian Hoper
Creative Director

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