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SSQ Legal Recruitment Website

A lovely progressive project this one for the global leaders in legal search and recruitment

Time to stand out from the crowd

This site features clear information hierarchies, solid simple customer journeys and an engaging homepage that showcases their global reach. SSQ really wanted to stand out from the crowd and to engage with the audience instantly.

SSQ wanted to present a professional corporate look to the legal market; one that balances quality with a modern and fresh feel. It needed to stand out in the crowded recruitment market. The site should have a personality and voice. Being an international firm, it was important to manage the challenge of multiple languages including Chinese characters and evolve the brand into a more digital friendly and adaptive experience.

Seamless access to key content

“Being able to evolve and build the brand online has been fantastic. Having the opportunity to develop a consistent cohesive story and clean clear user journey throughout the site has been fantastic. With clear information hierarchies, in-page navigation and dynamic layers enable the user seamless access to key content.”

Christian Hoper
Creative Director

We need a website that demonstrates our position as the market leader and shows us as genuinely different in the way we approach recruitment.

Marketing Team

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