7 for all mankind site design

Seven For All Mankind eCommerce and European Brand Hub sexy re-skin.
A truly international collaboration to help take 7FAM up to the next level.

This project was a fantastic one for us as it was a real creative challenge to be able to achieve what we did in the time available. To help create an international site that’s sexy, simple, elegant and easy to use was a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. I believe this is a truly successful project that looks great and takes the brand to the next level


7 For All Mankind, or ‘Sevens’ as many fashion editors call it, is a premium denim jeans brand. Its roots may have been in Los Angeles, California, but today it’s sold in 80 countries throughout the world.

The original design created by our design team had done over six years sterling service and was still working and delivering well, though it needed to be updated and given a fresh new look and feel. The team at VF International in charge of the 7FAM brand needed a quick turnaround on this project. The aggressive timeline of the project (one month for the design phase) meant that the project needed fast-tracking with an agile approach involving constant communication and close collaboration between the teams here and abroad.

The key direction from the client was to see a more creative approach to the site, and to open up the look and feel to be more sexy and aspirational as they did not want to not change any functional aspects that were currently working well. It was also key that the site was easy to update and implement, and that it encompassed all that the latest eCommerce features that Magento could offer, while also providing 7FAM with a robust flexible platform for future growth.

After the brief and initial wire framing stages were completed, the design team worked closely with the client both in London and in Switzerland to move the project through the key phases through to final sign-off in under a month.