Reignwood global evolution

Reignwood luxury website ipad view

Reignwood needed a website and global visual language developing in a short space of time and from a fragmented, disjointed set of content and start points.

My relationship with the visionary team at Reignwood has been a long and fruitful one and has encompassed many fast response projects over the years. These have provided me with the opportunity to lead the creative of these projects from branding to websites and UX, to advertising and digital marking materials.

Working on brands such as Wentworth Golf Club and Four Seasons Hotels has been a joy and the diverse challenges that a client like this brings really keeps you on your toes.

Developing the brand and sub-brands has been a recent highlight and then to realise them digitally with a strong documented foundation has been really rewarding.

To be able to evolve and define the Reignwood brand across a diverse range of media, has been a really exciting and rewarding experience.

Christian Hoper

From print projects through to digital apps and microsites…

…working across a wide range of media is always a rewarding experience and keeping up with the technologies and processes involved is always fun.

Why not view the current live Reignwood site here or find out about the latest GEC members site.