Privileged access – Global Elite Club

Reignwood Global Elite Club iPad view

Reignwood global elite club is an exciting members-only site that offers privileged access to a wide range of luxury assets, experiences and offers. This exclusive programme invites members to become part of a network within a network choosing from a bespoke range of personally curated opportunities.

Accelerated branding, developed in a fast agile design cycle.

Our long-standing client Reignwood engaged us on this project as we could provide a fully evolved brand and website experience from brand creation through to fully functioning website from concept to reality in just 3 months.

It was a great opportunity to help build a brand from scratch create a stunning luxurious site that will be a strong platform for growth.

The site needed to be fully interactive, multilingual with clear journeys and engaging content. It needed to be able to seamlessly facilitate the booking of assets and registration of new members. The tight timescale needed careful and effective project planning especially as the Covid-19 pandemic coincided with the start of the project. This facilitated remote teams working with close co-ordinated communication and minimal face to face contact. Strong client and project management, daily communication with the client both in the UK and in China enabled decisions to be made quickly and efficiently helping keep the project pace up, visions aligned, and the creative energies fuelled. 

Some of this project’s key challenges were that it needed to showcase content and stories but from a limited set of existing assets. There was no opportunity with the global lock down to visit the key locations and the tight budget meant that the creative team had to work withing some challenging constraints. 

“We relished the challenge of producing such a visually rich and luxurious site from the ground up. With the full remit of our design, UX and creative skills being engaged. This ensured extensive video editing, creative and efficient use of stock photography and film. It has been fantastic developing strong visual hierarchies and engaging narratives while working in harmony with a client that trusts and respects our abilities. Creating this all from a limited set of usable assets was just the sort of challenge as designers and problem solvers we love!”

Christian Hoper, Creative Director

Motion, time and depth were always going to be key cornerstones of this project. The seamless integration and development of responsive, media rich web based experiences was a key part of the project and effective use of HTML, CSS, animation, layers, timelines, typography and video have ensured that the site is visually stunning, has the right pace for a time poor audience and delivers the messaging in a clear and concise manner.

Example UX flow and demo of the GEC site. Audio is disabled.

Extensive use of video and large visually rich images meant that the technical infrastructure, CMS and approach to coding the frontend of the site needed careful consideration. As did the requirement for the site to stream effective onto a multitude of devices and locations.

Working with Chris and the team at Konstructive was an absolute pleasure. They provided an excellent 360 approach to digital – a rare breed. Nothing was too much, and for the first time in my career we actually met a deadline. They are professional, friendly, dedicated and highly skilled. I cannot recommend them enough.

Alex Field – Group Sales and Marketing Director at Reignwood Investments UK
An initial demo of the sites earlier conceptual approach. This prototype was produced in Adobe XD and After Effects.

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