konstructive website and brand evolution

The konstructive brand has been constantly evolving over the years to better represent the company’s values and direction. This has recently evolved a general overall to develop a solid set of guidelines, brand colours, typography and refined logotype. The general shift has been towards a lighter more minimal feel that allows the content to breath and showcases the content effectively. The introduction of the isometric rendering of items helps create a sense of depth and drama and is a useful visual tool to help break the grid and join up the messaging.

It’s always an exciting challenge to create a new website for a project that’s so very close to my heart. The key to get this right was the development a clear brief and set of goals that the site needs to deliver on. Designing the new website for konstructive was a particular challenge as the old site needed completely re-engineering to better support the evolved messaging.

Essentially the design, coding, UX, content, SEO and animation needed to be engaging, dynamic, and deliver a clean professional site that’s easy for the team to update and create pages. The modular widget-based structure allows for easy construction and guides avoid any nasty content combinations from taking place.

Getting the balance right between motion and static content was key, to avoid too much repetition but also draw attention to the key areas on the page as the user scrolls.

Christian Hoper

It has been a key driver for the whole design team to provide clear intuitive journeys though the site, appropriate use of animation to seamlessly build the pages and engage the user, with the ultimate goal of generating awareness and contact.

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