Commercial property reimagined

Glenny Commercial Property Consultants iPad

A fantastic opportunity to evolve the branding and overall look and feel for this progressive commercial property business was an exciting, immersive challenge.

To redesign their online presence from the ground up to and help them stand out in a highly competitive marketplace was a tough challenge as the timescales were tight. 

Luckily the client was fully appreciative of modern design principles. They really wanted to embrace this opportunity for the website and digital marketing to take the lead in redefining them as a modern and innovative company. Both internally and externally. The correct solution would need to clearly communicate their expertise, local knowledge, personality and honest and straight talking approach. 

The do this we needed extensive workshops with the key stakeholders to help shape and define what success would look like. These involved all aspects of the project, defining goals, branding, personas, UX and user flows, marketing campaign ideas and even CMS selection. We employed rapid XD prototyping, wireframing, moodboards and site design, creative campaign development, content creation for both on and offline marketing and the development of comprehensive support package enabling the client to create their own highly visual content easily and quickly.

Working closely with our copywriting team was a real highlight for me as it helped us create some solid creative concepts that were well rounded and with lots of potential. It was especially key that these could evolve as the site and supporting campaigns grow. Having the client involved at all the key stages was essential and enabled us to get rapid signoff and really solid decisions on direction. 

Developing campaign concepts helped formulate our creative approach.

Developing a flexible and robust design system and language was key in the rapid development and will be a strong foundation for the visual growth of the site. It was something that needed to be defined properly and not a corner to be cut.

“I love the swiss style simplicity of the final result. The harmony of the strong typography, simple colour blocks and the appropriate use of white ‘breathing’ space helps the less become more. Its intuitive and uncluttered and I love the fact that the key journeys are nicely intertwined with the core messaging. On the whole site is strong and confident without being too shouty.”

Christian Hoper, Creative Director

The first generation of the site is now live, and you can view it here.