DCA design


DCA is one of the world’s leading product design and development consultancies. Since the early Sixties they have helped a wide variety of companies design and develop market-leading products that users still value every day, ranging from the Stanley knife to the Eurotunnel Shuttle.

The new DCA website provides a rich visual environment that demonstrates the sheer size of the DCA design portfolio within their key sectors of medical & scientific, commercial & industrial, consumer and transport. Konstructive developed a number of innovative features for the site including large complex slideshows, in-page navigational widgets and editorially controlled responsive text. A mobile design philosophy for the vast amount of rich visual collateral on offer was developed.

The site was built on the Drupal Content Management System, providing a powerful open-source platform with specific care being taken to make a complex site easy for the client to editorially control and manage. An advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) is utilised to ensure that imagery and videos are loaded quickly regardless of the geographic location of the site visitor.