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Futura Kreative - Pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration

An itch that really had to be scratched!
Music is such a massive part of my life. For over 30 years on and off I've been dabbling and creating music with various results. From my early band days in garages and rehearsal rooms with my mates to a few live gigs and the liberation of the electronic recording revolution, creating and understanding music has been an itch that I've always needed to scratch!

Working mainly from my home studio now has given me the opportunity to spend much of the extensive time spent commuting to explore and enjoy the rich canvas of music available on Spotify. Having the spare time to explore other creative projects in and around music recently has been fantastic and a real positive from the horrid covid experience. What doesn't break us makes us stronger. The amazing wealth of new music available and the diverse mix of influences has really helped inspire and drive me to fall back in love with making music its's branding and promotion.

So Futura Kreative was born.

It's never too late to innovate.. explore and enjoy...

To find out more check out the FK website