My passion is digital design. I enjoy telling stories, solving problems and helping clients achieve their business goals. 


Experimental branding and ecommerce website design

An explorative exercise in  minimalist structures 

This fast paced design and branding prototype was developed to enable us to have a minimalist set of modular building blocks that could allow a highly visual and product led ecommerce site to be realised in a fast agile manner.

Maximising space and structure to create a visually powerful experience was key to the success of this exercise.

Less can be more

Nubrand shows what can be done when traditional design principles are applied to the agail digital design process.

This project was only a few days from beginning to end and formed the basis of many projects to come.

The space to breathe

“Building a flexible and responsive structure with an eye to future re-use was an exciting challenge. Working at this pace requires a fast decision making process and complete focus. It was also fun to design in the less is more ethos ”

Christian Hoper
Creative Director

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