My passion is digital design. I enjoy telling stories, solving problems and helping clients achieve their business goals. 

Lambert Smith Hampton

Innovative Design and UX for forward thinking real estate consultancy

Putting the users needs first

Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) is one of the UK's and Ireland's leading, and most progressive, property consultancies with over 40 offices and 1,700 staff.

We first started working with LSH in 2012, designing a sophisticated website with the purpose of generating enquires across their multiple-service lines and properties. Many years later LSH commissioned us at Konstructive to design their 3rd generation site. As in 2012, LSH wanted the site to set the standard within their industry.

Innovation is important

The website is the primary channel that stakeholders learn about the company and discover how LSH can help. It was imperative that it provided the best possible user experience and fully embodied the LSH brand. In order to set the standard within their industry, the site needed to put the user needs at the heart of the user experience. Innovation was important but not at the expense of the experience. How we were to do this was left open as the client trusted our experience and expertise to guide the process.

Bespoke and seamless

By seamlessly integrating GEO IP lookup into the experience we were able to peonalise the journey and tailor the site to adapt to the time of day and location of the user.

Modular and flexible

The modular development of the site components mean't that landing pages and all types of content could be created quickly and easily with the emphasis on harmonious design and flexibility.

The extensive workshop and concepting phase of this project was really key to the successful outcome of a what is a highly technical and innovative solution. Staying on track from a visual perspective and ensuring ease of use for the client and the audience was a challenge but one we tackled with relish.

Christian Hoper
Creative Director

Our digital presence needed to fully embody our proposition, purpose and personality. We needed to utilise and develop our digital platform in order to fully realise our goal of differentiation.

Associate Director, Digital Development, LSH

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