My passion is digital design. I enjoy telling stories, solving problems and helping clients achieve their business goals. 

We are the dreamers...

My passion is design - and ever since I can remember I've experimented with visual communication and the evolving suite of tools at our disposal. A key part of developing and growing as a visual communicator and problem solver is to constantly experiment and innovate. No matter what the project or problem to solve I always strive to create something new and unique.

The computer is my pencil. The camera is my sketchbook. Imagination is the only restrictor.

Christian Hoper

I have always loved to explore and experiment in the visual world. The diverse media and tools that we have available these days is just awesome. Having grown up with the advent of the digital revolution and part of the vanguard, it’s been exciting and challenging to adapt to the emerging technologies and embrace the opportunities and power we now have.

The only barrier now to creating beautifully effective and innovative designs is our imagination.