My passion is digital design. I enjoy telling stories, solving problems and helping clients achieve their business goals. 

Visual exploration

The selected works



Provocation magazine

Details from some of the spreads. This limited run print magazine sold like hotcakes in the Design Council shop. Created with traditional print methods.

Speedo website concepts

This design was part of a set of concepts while working on the main Speedo site design. Often the journey is more rewarding than the destination...

Reignwood Town & Country book

Concepts for the T&C book. These were early ones that helped shape the finished book. I love the simplicity of this approach and the used of texture and finish.

CBS Outdoor website

This visual is one of many that was part of a pitch to CBS Outdoor. While being quite a few years old now and really ancient in digital terms. I still like the freshness and impact that was achieved.

Typographic fun

Yes it sure is. I love the simplicity of type and the layers that can be added with just a few subtle touches.

Selfridges microsite concept

I have been lucky to work on many projects for Selfridges over the years. This one for their WonderRoom project was great fun and a great opportunity to explore an indulgent and decadent look.

Boutique by Jaeger

Having designed many evolutions of Jaegers website it was always fun to explore new structures and sub-brands. 

Typographic exploration

Type can be such fun. Direct highly visual and to the point. Nuff said..

Agency branding concept

Sometimes its fun to just design with no boundaries. No brief and no client. This was a project to explore a fictional agency branding.

Jaeger website

Of the many evolutions of their ecommerce site over the years, this one was my favourite.

East Meets West book

These concepts evolved into an entirely different print project for the  Reignwood brand. I still really like the direction this was going. Simple and sophisticated.

Aquascutum website concept

A key part of one of the site redesigns completed for Aquascutum over the years, this visual was one that I particularly liked. With its simple structure and high visual impact.

UX book concept

I'd love to have the time to finish the personal project. For now its a nice experiment in simple colour, layout and iconography.

Xmas card for konstructive

Unlike many of these experiments this one actually was printed and is one of many cards completed over the years. I love the power this has and the reliance on iconography.

Habitat website concept

This small part of the pitch for Habitat was one of my favourite designs. We got to the last two in this exhaustive process. Sometimes free pitching can bite you. Still I'm proud of the work that was done. 

Email concept for The White Company

One of a set of concepts that I even came up with the copy for.. Not my strongpoint but nevertheless it works and the full set was fab.

Lavasuite can concept

A bit of fun exploring some of the branding routes that the CMS brand LavaSuite I designed could maybe have gone. LavaSuite is now CommerceKit.

Site for Diesel

For a few years I designed the Diesel-U-Music websites and helped evolved the branding. It was vibrant energetic and fun. Such a great brand to work for. There really were no limits.