My passion is digital design. I enjoy telling stories, solving problems and helping clients achieve their business goals. 

Branding & Print

The selected works



konstructive xmas card

A typographically led edition for this particular year. 

Simple and solid for SJC

Clean and minimal branding for the London based company.
Promotional brochure design for Magento product offering

Magento 2 marketing material

A4 brochure for konstructive events team.

Behave branding and business cards

Tactile and bold, print offers some lovely opportunities for visual expression.

The Little Book of Belgian Law

A lovely little A6 bound pocket print project for VBB.

Keep Cooking branding explored offline 

This was part of the branding evolution project for this innovative online retailer.

Global Elite Club private jet

I've always wanted to brand a jet and finally got the chance!

Logo for US firm GB&A

Sometimes simple is best and finding a way to create a simple yet unique identity for this insurance brokerage was a rewarding experience.

CommerceKit branding

Brand development for CommerceKit for Magnolia.

LavaSuite promotional leaflet

Maximum impact and a sales message to boot. I love the idea of motion in static design applications.

Konstructive xmas card

An earlier iteration of the seasonal projectr that always needs a new angle. 

GA Carpentry branding

A bespoke crafted feel for this high quality team of experts.

Konstructive xmas card

Words are pictures.

Konstructive poster

One of a set that was developed for the office.

Promotional brochure

Marketing brochure design for konstructive.

City & Country members pack

A lovely high quality, no expense spared print job. This members pack folds to contain a set of privilege cards, membership card and handbook.

GB&A branding

Application and evolution of the core brand components to create a unified set of materials.

Konstructive sub-branding 

Part of a set of sub-branded services for the konstructive marketing team. 

Branding for DigitalPivot

Clean and simple branding fro this digital transformation agency.

Jessica McCormack brochure

Evolving the design from the website to this luxury brochure project was great fun and so nice for the digital to lead print for a refreshing change.